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Rules of Behavior

REMINDER! All guests must register at the office!  If you are a resident or member, your guest(s) must register if they are at the resort when they arrive!

The rules at  WPNR are based on common sense, courtesy, and individual respect. Behavior must be conducive to a family atmosphere at all times. As a family oriented nudist resort, WPNR believes that social nudity in a wholesome family atmosphere and is not associated with sexual behavior.  Persons exhibiting any sexual behavior (physical or verbal) will be removed from the property immediately and will be permanently banned.  If any issues are encountered, please inform the office/management immediately. Violation of resort policy can result in forfeiture of membership and/or permanent eviction (with forfeiture of fees).


  • Visitors and guests must sign in and pay grounds fees on arrival.

  • Intentionally misrepresenting reservation information or supplying incorrect information, can  result in expulsion with no refunds. 

  • Always carry a towel to sit on, never sit on another persons towel or on a bare seat.

  • Refrain from using profane language. If encountered, report it to the office.

  • Sexual behavior and/or suggestive/sexual language will not be tolerated. Persons engaged in this behavior will be asked to leave and permanently lose the privilege of future visits and/or membership.

  • A male/female ratio of 50-50 is attempted and admittance is based on managements balance expectations

  • Openly staring at guests or making unwelcome comments will result in expulsion from the resort.


  • Any type of glass (bottles, glasses, etc) is not permitted in the pool and hot tub areas.

  • The use of bubbles in the hot tub is not permitted.

  • Hot Tub and Pool use is not permitted when there is lightning in the area.


  • Use of cell phone is not permitted on the pool or hot-tub deck. If a call must be made/answered, step out of the pool area to minimize any disturbances

  • Photography or videos of any type must be approved by the office.


  • Nudity is mandatory in the pool and hot tub area.

  • All other outside locations are clothing optional.

  • Within the Clubhouse, required attire is:

    • Women: Nude or wrap

    • Men: Nude or shirt

    Note: If you do not comply you may be asked to leave or change.


  • Be courteous to smokers and non-smokers alike.

  • Use and/or distribution of illegal drugs prohibited.



  • Children can only use the pool and hot tub while under the supervision of a responsible adult.

  • Parents may not leave children on the grounds in their absence.

  • Children should not be unsupervised at any time. We want children to enjoy themselves but be considerate of others.

  • Any type of battery powered sport vehicle can not be operated by children without direct adult supervision at all times.

  • Clothing rules apply to all children same as they do to adults, nude at the pool or hot tub areas.


  • Fires/campfires must be approved by management.

  • Do not wash vehicles (car/truck/RV/camper) within the resort grounds.



  • Pets are prohibited from all recreational areas and buildings

  • Pet must be on a leash at all times when not in your residence

  • Owner is responsible for a pets behavior and will clean up after them

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us via the "Contact Us" page

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